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Help Your Horse Feel & Move Better w/ Equine Hanna Somatics: Session 1 (Instructional Video Download)

Equine Hanna Somatics® Education
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An instructional video designed for YOU, the horse OWNER, to learn to give your horse a basic Equine Hanna Somatics® Session.

Join Alissa Mayer EHSE-C and Eleanor Criswell Hanna Ed.D in introducing EHS to a horse for the very first time - and learn how to do a basic EHS session with any horse!

This  video includes:

- Instruction on Posture and Movement Pre- & Post-Assessments

- Complete Session 1 Protocol with Step-by-Step Instructions (it takes about an hour to do a session with your horse)

- Commentary and Explanations by both Eleanor and Alissa throughout

- Introduction to Hanna Somatics for the Human (thats you!)

GIVE YOUR HORSE THE GIFT OF EQUINE HANNA SOMATICS with these easy gentle exercises done with your horses cooperation. This video will EMPOWER YOU to participate directly in your horses HEALTH and WELL-BEING.

Don't let your horse remain trapped by chronic tension that is causing CROOKEDNESS for another day...

You can help your horse!

Download it, watch it, and head straight to the barn with your Protocol 'cheat-sheet' and an hour later your horse will be looking and feeling AMAZING!

This instructional video for your HORSE Includes a bonus mini-session to introduce YOUR BODY to the benefits of Hanna Somatics® and an easy to print Protocol & Principles Session Guide for reference in the barn. Enjoy! - Alissa & Eleanor

Somatics = Mind + Body

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You'll get

65 minute Instructional Video
Principles/Protocol Sheet
Info you can use over and over to help your horse feel great...


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Help Your Horse Feel & Move Better w/ Equine Hanna Somatics: Session 1 (Instructional Video Download)

11 ratings
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